Saturday, June 15, 2013

Weebles Wobble

For two weeks, I've consistently fallen (or was pushed) and was scraped to the point of needing to visit the infirmary.  I really had to think about whether what some of the things I do in the heart of 'sticking to it' are worth it.

There's sticking to it, then there's beating a dead horse.  I don't fancy myself a quitter, but I don't have time to waste.  There has to be a smarter way to get where I need to be.  Right now, I'm spread way too thin.

On my list:  two jobs, a blog, a website in development, a side business and several writing projects that there just isn't enough time for with all this in front.  In addition, I've let people into my life recently that might not belong there.  Obviously some of these have to stay.  But I've always practiced 'less stress' rather than 'less mess'.  What brings me down is what sucks away all my energy.  Anything can be a downer sometimes.  Nothing should be a drainer.  If something or someone is taking my very joy, it needs to change or be cut. 

My goal, at least while I heal, is now to be more woman and less weeble.  For those of you younger millenials, a weeble is an egg-shaped toy that never falls when you push it.  It wobbles around for a minute, then stands back up.  I'm not kidding when I say history has proven that my weeble capabilities are phenomenal.  But they're just capabilities.  I'm still a woman by design, and dammit, my knees hurt from all these cuts. 

So I'm not a weeble after all...that's fine.  The thing about weebles is they don't move, other than to take blows designed to knock them off balance.  Being a woman, I can give blows of my own.  In time, with every endeavor I take on, I will. 

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